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Evan Moore Paddles High Water Cataracts of the Kern

Here’s some great footage of whitewater kayaker Evan Moore paddling the Cataracts of the Kern in California at around 4400 cfs (huge). [HTML1] Part of the reason I like this video so much is because of how comfortable he looks in the water, even when he’s submerging into or surfacing out of something massive.  If […]

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A Good Forward Stroke Is Your Key to Kayaking

The fantastic kayakers winning extreme creeking races in big, technical whitewater all have a powerful forward stroke fueling their moves. It’s the key to virtually everything that gets you where you want to go in kayaking, including the boof stroke. But the forward stroke gets overlooked when people are learning because it seems like a […]

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Cedar River Gates Whitewater Training is Back

I spent Saturday morning at the slalom gates at the Cedar River alongside Landsburg Park, thanks to slalom kayaker Joey Yeaple who organized an all-welcome event to get people working on technical skills. It sounds like this is going to be a monthly event, taking place at 10 a.m. on the first Saturday of the […]

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A Few (Really Annoying) Eskimo Rolling Myths

Here are some Eskimo rolling myths you may hear at some point in your beginner whitewater kayaking journey. If you do, just tell the person talking that “I’ve read the blog post, so I know that what you’re saying is complete otter spittle.” Or something like that. ;) Myth 1. “You will lose your roll […]

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