Using this Site

Finding Yourself

No, not in the existential sense…. :)  If you’ve been on a paddle trip and think you might be in a photo or video in one of these posts, check the ‘Tags’ section in the right hand column.

I tag each post with the names of people I know for sure are in them, and if you see your name just click on it and it will bring up all the posts that you are in.  The more times you are tagged, the bigger your name will be in the sidebar.  There’s also a ‘people I don’t know’ tag, in case I didn’t know you when I wrote the post.

If you’re in a post and are not tagged, please let me know – tell me your name and give me the url or title of the post, and I’ll update it. 

Update:  I just realized (since now I have a lot more tags going) that only the ‘popular tags’ are listed in the sidebar.  So if you think you’re in here and don’t see your name just put your first name in the search box and it will SHOULD pull up the posts you’re tagged in. This actually doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.

Videos Not Working?

I’ve been on a couple of computers that just showed blank spaces for the Youtube videos.  I think this is because the computer needs the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Here’s a link to the Youtube help page for when the video won’t display.