March 6, 2017

Evan Moore Paddles Cataracts of the Kern


Here's some great footage of whitewater kayaker Evan Moore paddling the Cataracts of the Kern in California. Hard to describe other than to say he's basically an insanely good paddler.

Part of the reason I like this video is because of how comfortable he looks in the water, even when he's submerging into or surfacing out of something massive. This water is huge and surgey and he looks calm and in control the whole time.

Paddlers like this make things look easy - or at least, easier than they actually are - so if you're starting out or into the learning aspect of watching these videos, it's worth watching it in slower motion and noticing every paddle stroke, directional shift, lean and bow lift, etc. There's a ton of work and skill going on behind the scenes.

(You can slow the speed down by clicking on the Settings icon in the video player.)

Mike and I were in the Kern Valley in 2016, I really loved that place - the river's beautiful, camping is quite easy, and although we didn't run into too many local kayakers the ones we did meet seemed friendly and not cliquey.


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