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Finding Whitewater Kayaking Buddies Around Seattle

(Updated for 2018.) OK, I’ve heard enough whitewater kayakers tell me that when they first came to Seattle they had a hard time finding paddling buddies and generally getting started, so here are some good resources: (PP) is the core whitewater kayaking forum and river resource for the general Seattle area.  Here you’ll […]

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Video: Kayak Stroke Tutorial from Michele Ramazza

This is a really in-depth, well explained video tutorial on the kayaking forward stroke by Italian slalom and whitewater paddler Michele Ramazza.  If the forward stroke sounds like the simplest of things, keep in mind that people make hour-long videos and write actual books about the forward stroke.  Doing it well is not actually all […]

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Whitewater Kayaking Classes Around Seattle in 2013

Spring 2013 whitewater kayaking classes are gearing up around the Seattle area.  If you’re thinking about plunging into this ultra-fun sport, here’s where you might want to start out: The Washington Kayak Club Beginner Whitewater Course starts March 11 and goes to April 6, 2013.  Cost is $175 for WKC members, $255 for non-members.  It’s […]

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