Video: Chelan Gorge 2011 Whitewater Kayaking Carnage – It’s Awesome! :)

Chris Totten put together this great video of the whitewater kayaking carnage resulting from the Chelan Gorge huckfest in summer of 2011.  I have to say when I heard the scoop on the weekend and the list of extremely good boaters that swam, my jaw dropped.  Chris said it was more carnage in two days than he’s seen in the past two years total.  Anyway, enjoy…


Not long ago I posted about how Rush Sturges’s swim on Upper Cherry Creek really set the standard for “hanging in there,” but I think that award now goes to Ellie Wheat – just check out the sequence starting at around six minutes into the video (orange boat, blue helmet).

(Just a heads up, there are one or two F-bombs dropped somewhere in the background at one point, in case you’re watching this at work – not that any kayaker would ever do that. ;))

Jay Shepherd - February 13, 2012

That looks like a blast. Have any of you ever made the trip to the Russell Fork River? Great white water.

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