December 12, 2011

Video: Matt Kurle and Dan Patrinellis on Ernie’s Canyon


This is a sweet video by whitewater kayaker Matt Kurle of him and Dan Patrinellis paddling the Ernie's Canyon section of the North Fork of the Snoqualmie River in February 2011.  Apparently this video won first place at an outdoor film festival recently, so congrats Matt!

Ernie's Canyon is one of the most difficult whitewater kayaking runs in Washington state.  The Bennett book has this to say:

"You can slice every one of 'em (the rapids) and walk away thinking this river's just another challenging Class V trip, or you can miss your line by two feet and get permanently stuffed into an undercut."

When you read the river description you'll notice the word "sieve" come up frequently, and I was just recently listening to two good Class V boaters talk about it, one in terms of "I don't feel the need to ever do that run again," and the other describing it as "constantly paddling away from sieves in a Class V environment."  Not for everyone, in other words. :)

But obviously some people love it, and this is a gorgeous video.  There are a few little clips after the ending credits, just so you know.


Dan P., Ernie's Canyon, Matt K.

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