March 30, 2012

Video: Brad X on Punchbowl and Metlako, Eagle Creek


I've been meaning to post about a million things on here about upcoming kayak classes in 2012 and good recent videos, etc., but instead have been shlepping around.  Since I have a few minutes though, here's a nice video of Brad Xanthopoulos (I hope that's right) doing Punchbowl on the Big Falls section of Eagle Creek in Oregon last weekend - I'm not the last word on this, but it looks like a beautiful line, not to mention a gorgeous setting.

Brad, Joe Howard, and Rob McKibbin were on that run, I guess Joe ran the first big drop, which I think is Skoonichuck, everyone ran Punchbowl, and Brad and Rob did Metlako, which is around 85 feet - Rob in his playboat, no less.

Here's the video of Brad on Metlako, if video of Rob shows up at some point I'll add that.  (No, it's not you, the video really is sideways.)


Brad X., Eagle Creek, Joe H., Rob M.

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