April 6, 2010

Video: Dave Moroles Solo Climbs Castle Rock


Jake Sanders took this video of whitewater kayaker Dave Moroles solo-climbing Castle Rock near Leavenworth, it’s good stuff.  (Don’t miss the part 2 minutes into it when he hangs from one arm above an I-don’t-know-how-high drop – really high up, basically, and pret-ty impressive.)


I’ll take the opportunity here to also give Dave credit for being an all-around great guy to boat with – super-competent kayaker, and “We’re in no hurry here” is the typical response to me scrabbling around last minute in my gear bag for gloves or dog food when a lot of people are getting into their boats and getting ready to paddle.


castle rock, Dave M., rock climbing

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  • Dang – he did all that with no gear or rope! Wonder how many times he’s climbed that rock? He’s definitely got skills and is very fluid with his climbs.

  • I know he has done that climb a lot but I don’t know how many times, he told me that you only solo climb like that if you have been climbing a long time and know the route really well. Regardless I agree, very impressive.

  • So fun to watch… Dave is a safe climber and this is a personal choice for all of us. I wouldn’t personally do it but I appreciate where his head is and knowing that about yourself if huge. Beautiful climbing Dave!

  • I agree, I think I would probably appreciate it even more if I were a climber but even to a layperson it’s obviously awesome.

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