April 3, 2010

Video: Whitewater Kayak Slalom Training for Beijing Olympics


I was surfing around this evening looking for videos that might give some pointers on whitewater kayaking slalom technique and came across this one showing Eoin Rheinisch, Dave Ford, James Cartwright, Campbell Walsh, and Laura Blakeman training for the Canoe Slalom Olympic Test Event in Beijing 2007.


I can’t say someone like me can pick a whole lot of actual how-tos out of here, but there are some pretty amazing moves that are worth watching, (plus, not to mention, of the type that can keep you alive when you’re creeking) – and, of course, the obligatory decent song. ;)

Update Feb. 2011:  I just found a great site with a ton of whitewater kayaking slalom instructional videos, click here to go to the post about that one.


whitewater slalom

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