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Evan Moore Paddles High Water Cataracts of the Kern

Here’s some great footage of whitewater kayaker Evan Moore paddling the Cataracts of the Kern in California at around 4400 cfs (huge). [HTML1] Part of the reason I like this video so much is because of how comfortable he looks in the water, even when he’s submerging into or surfacing out of something massive.  If […]

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Video: The Mother of All Kayak Boofing Tutorials

The other day I was pondering, as I do most days, about how great it would be if someone made a completely awesome whitewater kayaking boof stroke teaching video that broke down and explained all the moves, showed people doing different kinds of boofs in regular and slow motion, and superimposed side-by-side clips of kayakers […]

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Video: Kayak Stroke Tutorial from Michele Ramazza

This is a really in-depth, well explained video tutorial on the kayaking forward stroke by Italian slalom and whitewater paddler Michele Ramazza.  If the forward stroke sounds like the simplest of things, keep in mind that people make hour-long videos and write actual books about the forward stroke.  Doing it well is not actually all […]

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Whitewater Kayaking in Ecuador With Boof Sessions

If you’re thinking about whitewater kayaking in Ecuador I highly recommend kayaking Ecuador with Boof Sessions, my friend Abe Herrera’s whitewater kayaking tour business down there.  Word on the eddyline is that this is a great way to get a non-touristy and authentic version of the whitewater experience in Ecuador. “Ecuador is all about Class […]

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Whitewater Kayaker Sam Grafton Fires It Up in 2012

Here’s another one from the video chronicles of Dan Patrinellis – highlights of local whitewater kayaker Sam Grafton running all sorts of incredibly huge and difficult stuff in 2012.  Some of the drops are on Tumwater Canyon (Wenatchee River), Top Tye Creek, Robe Canyon (Stillaguamish River), Skykomish River, the Chelan Gorge, and some BC runs […]

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