July 11, 2013

I’ll Never Pull My Sprayskirt Again… Well, Maybe Not


OK, who are we kidding, I probably will pull my sprayskirt again - but I hope before I do I remember this guy and hang in there for a few extra seconds.

This is Mike Hipsher, head guide for Expediciones Chile in 2006, getting worked on the Futaleufu River.  The video ends before it's over, but according to owner Chris Spelius he hung in there and paddled out of it.

Chris Spelius, by the way, is one of four kayakers who ran the massive whitewater in the Niagara Gorge below Niagara Falls in the early '80s (following an illegal descent in the 1970's.)  It's not highly technical but the waves are enormous, and they're in old school boats that most people would be nervous about running big water in now.

It's a bummer that Carrie Ashton, the only woman in the group, appears to have really gotten a raw deal in the newscast narration - I'm not really into the whole girl-power thing seeing as, at least in the Pacific Northwest, it appears to be more hype than necessity, but seriously - what was that news guy thinking?  Anyway, cool footage.


Carrie Ashton, Chris Spelius, creekboating, Futaleufu River, Mike Hipsher

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