Video: Whitewater Kayakers on Icicle Creek Middle Section

This is the video that got me started looking for whitewater kayaking slalom instructional videos (my previous post).  It’s a bunch of kayakers on the Class V Middle section of Icicle Creek outside of Leavenworth, WA, one of my favorite places, and includes footage of Ricochet, The Sieve, Horseshoe and The Plunge.


Thanks to Matt Kurle for posting the video on his YouTube page, I think he took the video too.  I don’t know everyone in there but I definitely recognize Dave Moroles, Joe Howard, and I think Rob McKibbin.  One of the things I like about this is that you get to see seven people in a row do the same drop – it’s interesting to see the differences.

Kelly - February 23, 2011

Other paddlers include Marco Collelo, Pat Lynch, John Fuqoua…low water but fun level.

Irene - February 23, 2011

Thanks Kelly, I updated the tag list to include those names too.

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