February 21, 2011

Fred Norquist’s Dipper Creek Kayaking Video – Thumbs Up


This is amazing footage of a run done by Fred Norquist and friends on Dipper Creek, BC, in October 2010.  Usually I’d have a hard time getting through an eleven-minute video but there’s something about this one that kept me glued to it the entire time – the drops are huge, the canyon setting is incredible, and the filming is excellent – you almost feel like you’re running it yourself.  (OK, minus the carnage and mayhem that would result if I actually ran it myself. ) :)  See what you think.


For some reason the Vimeo embeds don’t play on my Android phone, so here’s the direct link to the video on Vimeo in case that works better for someone on their phone:  http://vimeo.com/19868405


BC, creekboating, Dipper Creek, Fred N.

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