July 20, 2010

Video: Whitewater Kayakers Running the Plunge on Icicle Creek


I was over in Leavenworth one evening last week taking a look at the Plunge drop on Icicle Creek with Charles from AquaSports and we happened to run into this guy Nels, who told us he thought Darren Albright was going to be running it soon.  Sure enough, a few minutes later Darren came down with Marco Colella so I grabbed my phone and got the video – here it is, with Marco going first in the green boat and Darren next.


This drop is rated a V on the Professor Paddle page, Charles says it’s actually less than that (depending on flow, of course) because the lead-in is not complicated and it’s not a super-technical drop.  What I know for sure is, really good Class V boaters like Marco and Darren make everything look easy, and given the right circumstances I could make this look like a Class VI. ;)  But I’d still love to try it.


creekboating, Darren A., Icicle Creek, Marco C., Nels

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  • Of course, notice I was saying this while comfortably standing on the side of the road with my boat tied to the top of the van.:^)

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