January 4, 2013

Dan Patrinellis’ New Whitewater Kayaking Blog


Jeremy Bisson on Silver Falls, Ohanepecosh River
Jeremy Bisson runs Silver Falls, Ohanepecosh River. Photo by Dan Patrinellis.

After years of taking awesome whitewater kayaking photos and videos, Dan Patrinellis has finally started a blog to share it all with the rest of us.  Here’s the link to his new Fluid As A Lifestyle paddling blog.

Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to paddle with Dan knows he’s one of the first people on the river to smile at anything, and, as I’ve mentioned before, one of the few people on the planet that you can drive eight hours with through the dead of night in the middle of nowhere without wanting to toss from the vehicle before reaching your destination.

He’s also a huge believer in the philosophy that “kayaking is 90 percent mental,” which always leads me to the obvious question of whether my 89-year-old mother could run Tumwater Canyon if she just attended a kayaking motivational seminar first.  (Wait – they do have those, right? :))


Dan P., Jeremy B., Silver Falls

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