July 12, 2011

Kayaker Beatdown on the Ottawa River (and Surprise Ending :)


This video of a kayaker beatdown on Dragon's Tongue on the Ottawa River was one of the "Videos Recommended for You" on my YouTube kayaking channel - too funny.  The first guy takes a loooong ride in the hole and it's really impressive how many moves he makes as he works on getting out.

Just something to give you 'hang in there' motivation the next time you're thinking of bailing out early from a hole ride. :)

Obviously if you're in a potentially dangerous situation or the only other option is to wait until you're totally out of air and then bail - which is miserable because you still usually end up spending some time underwater - then bailing at a timely moment is a good thing. This guy had some control in the hole even though he was getting thrashed, so he was able to eventually get himself more towards the river center direction where the hole was a bit weaker.

Also notice he did what a lot of people do when they're just getting out on the edge of a hole, which is to not paddle like the dickens to make sure you're really out of there. It's an easy mistake to make because you're exhausted and it can be hard to tell that you still are at a spot where you could get sucked back in.


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