April 27, 2013

Video: Little White Salmon River Whitewater Kayaking


Here are two sweet videos of whitewater kayakers running the Little White Salmon River in southern Washington.

The first is the Little White Salmon Race in 2012 - while we're at it I should mention that the 2013 Little White Salmon Race is coming up soon, on May 26.  Congrats to local kayaker Darren Allbright on tying for 2nd place in a super-competitive field in 2012!

The Little White is a really hard Class V river that is challenging enough that it's not even on a lot of peoples' bucket lists.  The first major rapid, Gettin' Busy, is around half a mile of solid Class V boulder garden that I've heard you really need to have some cardio endurance to get through reasonably well.

Spirit Falls is the crux of the run, a 33-foot waterfall with a challenging entry and difficult landing zone that has a secondary crux move below it, Chaos, for which you need to be upright and in your boat in order to go far left to avoid a dangerous hydraulic on the right.

Obviously speaking from second-hand info here, it's not where I hang out but my husband Mike has run it a few times.  In fact, here's a great photo of him doing Spirit Falls in the snow.

Mike Nash on Spirit Falls, Little White Salmon. Photo by Dan Patrinellis

Here's a cool helicopter-view video of Rush Sturges and Steve Fisher running the Little White.  It's a nice alternative to the usual head-cam view, and the shots through the trees along with the music give it kind of an other-worldly feel - I'm a fan.


Darren A., Little White, Mike N., racing, Rush Sturges, Steve Fisher

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