Video: Kayaker Jeremy Bisson Styling Everything

Dan Patrinellis just posted a great video of local boater Jeremy Bisson on a bunch of Northwest drops including POW on Tumwater Canyon, Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon, and Pinnacle on the Chelan Gorge (the entire river list is at the end).  Here it is:


Mike was pointing out how really good paddlers like Jeremy get to the point where their reactions are super-fast and intuitive.  It can be easy to miss sometimes, basically because they make everything look easy, but if you look at the little clip where he runs Pinnacle (.44 to .48 on the video) you can see it well.  Pinnacle is a really hard rapid with a difficult entry after which you have to work to not get pushed river right into a rock wall at the end – Rob McKibbin was the first person to run it a couple of years ago in 2011, and most people still portage it.  Mike was saying how Jeremy makes a sequence of moves and correcting strokes really fast in order to style the line, and while you can try to plan some of it, the rest just has to happen intuitively.

It’s the same when you watch the slow motion part of Rob McKibbin running Log Choke Falls on Top Tye.  There’s absolutely no way to run that drop without subbing out, and the reflexes that allow him to pop up from underwater finishing off a recovery are not something you can plan, they just ‘are’ – the result of spending thousands of hours on the water in challenging conditions (or creating challenges on easier water).  For the record, Rob is one of the few people for whom the Skykomish River is never too low, even at 500 cfs.

Julia Dickerson - November 25, 2013

Wow! Jeremy is really amazing, It really great how he corrected strokes in no time! It was an achievement on his part I say. Keep up the good work :D

Blanca Mathews - November 27, 2013

Jeremy is really an expert in paddling, it’s amazing how fast he corrected strokes. Keep the videos coming! :D

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