May 25, 2013

Video: What Do Girl Kayakers Say? (Kind of What You’d Think)


My friend Ellie Wheat just made a funny video about things girl kayakers say.

Actually the word is not 'stuff,' but this is a family-friendly blog, so I'm modifying the title here - and anyone who doesn't like it can just - oops, never mind.  :)  Here it is.

So, I will share that I have a bit of a beef about the whole girl/guy kayaker supposed controversy because here in the Seattle area many of us women boat with mostly men and honestly, even the vast majority of the hard-core Class V paddlers are as inclusive, encouraging, and non-patronizing a group of people as you could find anywhere.

(As in, my theory for the past few years is that there must be some pamphlet called "How to Be the Best Guy Kayaker for Anyone and Especially Girls to Kayak With" floating around, and all the guys have read it.)

That's why when women - to be fair, mostly those that started kayaking 15 or 25 years ago, when I have a feeling things might have been different - talk about needing to get away from testosterone-based paddling and all the macho guy stuff I have to think, "This is pretty much like when people talk about Big Foot.  I know exactly what it is and what it's supposed to look like, but I have yet to encounter it in the wild."

But I digress. :)  Ellie of all people is the authority on boating really difficult, scary whitewater, usually with a bunch of guys, and her video is a nice relief from some of the other bile-inducing gender-related kayaking crap media that is out there right now - not to mention the even more bile-inducing rush to rationalize why it's all OK and we should all just relax.  (It's a good thing there's no emoticon for convulsive yakking because it would fill up the next five lines.)

Sorry Ellie, I keep getting serious about your cute video.  Nice work Aly, Emily, Jennifer, and Joni too, you guys are hilarious. ;)


Alyson Z., Ellie W., Emily D., Jennifer J., Joni R.

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