November 3, 2012

Video: Sam Grafton Runs POW on Tumwater at 9,000 cfs


This is Index, WA kayaking superstar Sam Grafton running POW (Perfection of Whitewater) on Tumwater Canyon in summer of 2012.

Looking back on my old emails I see Dan Patrinellis gave me a heads up about posting this video on my blog over two months ago!  Anyway, it still rocks. (POW at 9,000 cfs is MASSIVE.)

Tumwater is a prime example of "It's bigger than it looks from the road," and I think Sam pretty much styles this enough to make it look easier than it really is.  Of the four major rapids on that run, The Wall, Chaos, POW, and Exit, POW and Exit are the ones people always consider at least Class V and at some levels POW is considered harder than Exit.

Suffice to say, as Dan notes on his YouTube channel where the video is, everyone else was content to watch from the road.

In the meantime Sun Time Films published a really beautiful video of Sam running Sunset Falls at 7500 cfs (or 6500, depending on your source, I guess I'll have to ask), which I'll post on here later.


Dan P., Sam G., Tumwater

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