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Video: Jackson Team Member Dr. Jessie Stone Talks About Malaria Outreach in Uganda

I was messing around on the Jackson Kayak site recently and from there somehow ended up finding this video about Jackson team member Dr. Jessie Stone.  In addition to being a superb kayaker and apparently an extremely nice person (going from her interview and the way she comes across on the old Eric Jackson’s Strokes and Concepts video, which I highly recommend by the way), Jessie also runs Soft Power Health, a non-profit organization that provides malaria education and outreach in Uganda, as well as whitewater kayaking camps for inner-city and at-risk kids in the U.S.


I really like the part on this video where she talks about how we only have one shot at this life – it starts at 3 mins 20 seconds into it, so if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing I recommend at least fast-forwarding to that part.