Video: Icicle Creek Kayaking from

Dave Moroles gave me a heads up about this really nicely done Icicle Creek kayaking video from the site.  It’s also a great site to find all kinds of videos about outdoor activities in the Leavenworth-Wenatchee area.


This video is mostly Marco Colella and Rob McKibbin (I guess they’re OK boaters :)), plus some others including Darren Albright, Dave Moroles, Adrian Wigston, and Dan Patrinellis setting safety.  It’s also a good reminder of how awesome the Leavenworth area is in general, especially in the spring and summer.  When it’s 72 degrees in Seattle and you’re feeling a little bitter because on a sunny day you still feel like you need to take along a sweater for when the breeze kicks up, in Leavenworth you step out of the car into 80 degree weather and a warm, dry wind – not to mention, it’s gorgeous out there.