June 30, 2009

Video: Creature Crafts Running Tumwater POW Rapid at 13,400 cfs


When I posted the last video of Shanna and Nicole’s waterfall drop I clicked on one of the related videos and saw this one of people in Creature Crafts running POW in Tumwater Canyon at 13,400 last year – it’s totally insane. Tumwater Canyon is petrifying to me, and at higher levels I drive by with my hands gripping the wheel – but struggling to stay on the road because I can’t stop looking.

Anyway, check it out – the last couple of minutes has the Creature Craft footage, but it’s all good:

Note to the family-minded: The f-bomb gets dropped in this video one or two times, but the river is so loud it’s hardly noticeable.  Just a heads up though.


POW, Tumwater, Wenatchee River

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