Support Team River Runner – Teaching Wounded Veterans to Kayak

Team River Runner is a stellar non-profit organization that helps wounded veterans and their families “find health and healing through whitewater” by teaching them how to kayak.  My kayaking friends from Texas who came out here last summer (on a trip I have yet to blog about, of course) – Ben Kvanli, Jennifer Kerr and Kelly Howard, are all really active in their local TRR chapter and you can help raise money for their efforts by clicking “Vote for this idea” on their Pepsi Challenge page.  (You can log in with a Facebook app, or just create a free account with Pepsi, which is what I did.)

HERE’S THE LINK TO THEIR PAGE where you can vote every day during May 2011, and here’s a short video giving a rundown of what they do.


We had a blast doing a low water Skykomish run when Ben, Jennifer and Kelly came out here last summer, and Ben (U.S. National Team member and former Olympian in whitewater slalom) was nice enough to give me some pointers on the way down, can you beat that?  I had jury duty or something after that, but Mike Harms stepped in and with true Pacific Northwest hospitality showed them down Tumwater over the next couple of days.

Jennifer Kerr, Ben Kvanli and Kelly Howard on the Skykomish River, WA

Anyway, please remember to help them raise funds for Team River Runner by voting for their idea on the Pepsi site, you can vote every day during May 2011 – they need to be in the top ten ideas to win funding.  Also, if you live in western Washington and are looking for a local Team River Runner chapter give me a shout through the Contact section of this blog and I’ll put you in touch with the people doing it here.