Video: Craig Kleckner Playboating on the Lehigh River

Craig Kleckner posted this video on Facebook of himself playing on a Lehigh River wave recently, and as soon as I saw it I recognized the wave from the high water Lehigh River run I did with Nick LaBarbera last December 2010 when I was in PA.  It was 27 degrees that day, and seeing as I was trying to err on the side of caution due to the icicles forming on my helmet and the fact that I’m not a strong playboater to begin with, I clearly recall going by it and saying to myself, “Perhaps not.”

Anyway, this is an example of how I’d love to be able to boat.


Craig Kleckner is part of the Team Pyranha band that comes out here every year, for some reason I’ve only posted about them once, the first time they were here in 2009, but they are an awesome group and we always have a good turnout when they come through.  Craig gave me some really good advice about how to practice holding your boat on edge, which I think about frequently and sometimes even actually do. ;)