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Video: Green Narrows Freedom Laps

Here’s a sweet video Dan Patrinellis took on the Green Narrows in North Carolina over Fourth of July weekend, 2011.  Tight, technical stuff – much harder than these boaters make it look, I think.  [HTML1] Now I’m waiting for him to cough up some footage from the Chelan Gorge releases that are happening right now, it sounds like […]

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Video: Seattle Whitewater Kayakers Run the Gnar

Matt Kurle and Dan Patrinellis put together this really nice video of local paddlers on some beautiful and gnar-filled runs.  When you think about it, it’s amazing how many good paddlers and dedicated kayaking film-makers we have in this area.  Not to mention rivers that run all year, and some of the best scenery ever.  Gee, […]

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Video: Icicle Creek Kayaking from Icicle.tv

Dave Moroles gave me a heads up about this really nicely done Icicle Creek kayaking video from the Icicle.tv site.  It’s also a great site to find all kinds of videos about outdoor activities in the Leavenworth-Wenatchee area. [HTML1] This video is mostly Marco Colella and Rob McKibbin (I guess they’re OK boaters :)), plus some others including Darren Albright, […]

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