Washington Kayakers Pray for Rain

It’s finally happening!  Here’s the (supposed) weather for Index, WA this week: I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the forecast this morning, especially when I checked American Whitewater and saw that the Skykomish River was at a measly 484 cfs.  I and my fellow hard-core peeps have been bumping down the Sky for the […]

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Silly Kayaking Injuries

Never mind that I’ve gone upside down and backwards over, well, more ledge drops than I can think of, including the last section of Boulder Drop.  It still always amazes me how easy it is to lay yourself up from kayaking doing something completely ridiculous. Here are a few of my experiences this year: Silly Kayaking […]

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My Review of the Wavesport Fuse 48

The Wavesport Fuse 48 is a river runner/playboat cross, often compared to the Jackson 2Fun but generally seen as a little more forgiving and a bit less aggressive. I demo’d the Fuse for about 6 weeks recently and it really grew on me.  I’m giving it two thumbs up as a beginner to intermediate whitewater […]

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More Fun Times Kayaking the Skykomish River

Saturday was an awesome time on the Skykomish River, running from Cabledrop to Big Eddy.  Kiran Bhageshpur (who also has a whitewater kayaking blog) organized the trip, a bunch of people showed up, and it was remarkable in that: a)  I finally made a clean run on Boulder Drop and arrived at the bottom right side […]

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