Video: Jackson Team Member Dr. Jessie Stone Talks About Malaria Outreach in Uganda

I was messing around on the Jackson Kayak site recently and from there somehow ended up finding this video about Jackson team member Dr. Jessie Stone.  In addition to being a superb kayaker and apparently an extremely nice person (going from her interview and the way she comes across on the old Eric Jackson’s Strokes and Concepts video, […]

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Peak 7 Adventures Teaches Whitewater Kayaking to At-Risk Youths (and Helps Injured Boneheads Like Me)

Before I write an enthralling post about what I learned from my accident on the Skykomish River yesterday, I wanted to give a heads-up about what appears to be a really cool organization, Peak 7 Adventures.  It’s a non-profit ministry that teaches underprivileged and at-risk youths how to whitewater kayak, raft, climb and backpack, and they […]

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Update On the Hand Roll Whiz Kid

You might recall that a few months ago I posted about Stephen P., who joined us on a Class III Skykomish run after having done just a couple Class I-II runs before that, and who amazed us all by having a self-taught roll that turned out to be a really good hand roll (he would just […]

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