Wenatchee River Videos – Surfing Turkey Shoot on May 23, 2009

OK, the first bunch of surfing video series is ready after Memorial Day weekend in Leavenworth – which was awesome, by the way.  There’s nothing nicer than kayaking down the Wenatchee River and getting out to bask in 80 degree weather at Riverside Park in Cashmere with a crew of river-happy rafters, kayakers and pooches.



I’ve still got two more sets of video to go through from Sunday – Rodeo Hole, which should be good, and another Turkey Shoot bunch from Sunday.  In the meantime, here are the ones from Saturday.


This one has Brett, Butch V., Clea H., Becky D. and people I don’t know.


This one has Roger M., Clea H., Butch V., Brett and people I don’t know.


This one has Clea H., Brett, Roger M., Butch V., Kevin H. and people I don’t know.


This one has Brett, Lucy, Raina, Doug M., Roger M. and people I don’t know.

brett - June 7, 2009

Hey, Great blog Irene!!! I love the videos, keep it up!!

Irene - June 7, 2009

Thanks Brett, glad you like it! I still have to put up the videos from Turkey Shoot… :)

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