August 13, 2016

We Love the New Pacific Northwest Kayaking Guidebook

Finally there's a new whitewater kayaking guidebook for the Pacific Northwest and it is sweet! It's called 'Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater - The Best Whitewater in Washington and Oregon' and you can buy it on Amazon here.  Here's a video description:

This book includes a lot of lesser-known creeks and river sections that never made it into other guidebooks and also has an enormous number of really gorgeous kayaking photos.  The class range covered is from III to V+, with an emphasis on IV and harder.

One thing to note is that to find a river you locate it on the map for that section, and then the pages for the runs are ordered from north to south, going by the map. I think it's been around 20 years since the last Pacific Northwest guidebook was published, so it's great to see a really substantial book with updated information that covers a huge number of runs in Washington and Oregon. Happy paddling!



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