Washington Kayakers Pray for Rain

It’s finally happening!  Here’s the (supposed) weather for Index, WA this week:


I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the forecast this morning, especially when I checked American Whitewater and saw that the Skykomish River was at a measly 484 cfs.  I and my fellow hard-core peeps have been bumping down the Sky for the last couple of months, but I think 550 cfs is our lowest limit so far, and even that’s pretty bare.

On the plus side, doing Boulder Drop at low levels can be a lot of fun, since it gives you the chance to explore a bunch of new routes.  I’ve done it something like 35 times now,  and of course have covered pretty much every inch of it upside down at some point (but only swam once after the first two times – got caught in the pourover at the bottom a few runs ago and panicked.)

All good practice – I hate swimming, but it usually makes me better down the road.  Anyway, the Sky’s beautiful right now – fall foliage, snow in the mountains, and salmon everywhere.  Pray for lots of rain!