April 2, 2010

Video: Rob McKibbin Tow-Surfing the Skykomish River


Back on a gorgeous day in February I joined up with Pete Gott and Rob McKibbin on a venture to see if they could do something spectacular in the whitewater kayak surfing department by towing Rob behind Pete’s motorboat on the Skykomish River.  Amazingly, Rob was doing 360s within the first few tows, although I have to tell you this was WAY harder than it looks because the drag on the kayak when it turns sideways is tremendous and he had to pass the rope over his head, not behind his back.


Full-screen mode might give a better view since it’s not zoomed in (long story involving a stolen laptop – aargh) but either way you get the drift.  Another great day on the river!


Pete G., Rob M., Skykomish River, surfing

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