August 21, 2012

Video: Joe Howard Gets Launched on 50-50 on the Ashlu


Mike Nash, Joe Howard, Brad Xanthopoulos, and Dave Moroles all headed up to BC last weekend to run the Box Canyon of the Ashlu River, also known as Commitment Canyon.  There's plenty of good headcam footage that may someday make it onto here, and in the meantime here's a clip of Joe Howard (aka Super Joe) taking an enterprising line down 50/50, the waterfall at the entrance.

Fortunately he landed fine and, as you can see, even rolls back up immediately.  But I think he gets frequent flyer miles for this one.


Ashlu River, Box Canyon, Brad X., Commitment Canyon, Dave M., Joe H., Mike N.

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  • Your blog is great – I love the video footage. This waterfall shot is awesome, glad he was okay. Look forward to more posts.

  • Thanks, and nice blog yourself Shelly! You’re not far from my old neck of the woods (NE PA), although I never paddled up there. Keep up the great posting!

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