Video: Canyon Creek of the Stillaguamish

Well, I guess it’s not too late for me to write a post in November 2011 after all – two whole hours to go. :)  Here’s a video Todd Thorpe took last weekend of him, Jessie McCarthy, Jon Dufay, and Jim Warlick on the Canyon Creek of the Stillaguamish at 5.7 feet.  They did two runs, on the first one the light is good and you get a decent view of the line through each rapid.


The CC Stilly is a fun, short IV/V run that’s easy to do laps on.  I did it a couple of times a year and half ago at around 5.2, which is on the low side and I don’t think anything was harder than technical IV, but that first ledge can really hand out beatdowns.

By the way, thumbs up to Todd for doing Boulder Drop the other day at around 6200 cfs in a playboat, only two years after starting kayaking!  I was super happy that things worked out in the Project 45 for me, especially after swimming after the Picket Fence at 2,000 cfs a couple of weeks ago – agh!  Todd and I both did the Needle – you won’t catch me near Ned’s at 6200 cfs, at least not until I become inducted into the Boofing Hall of Fame.  And next time I plan to not sneak the entrance.  Baby steps. :)