Video: Boofing Ned’s Needle on Boulder Drop, Skykomish River

Unbeknownst to me, Dave Morrison was taking video last Saturday on our Skykomish River run through Boulder Drop.  Here are the videos of us going through Ned’s Needle at around 2,000 cfs, a friendly level at which the horizontally recirculating eddy below the drop is not really in play.  (I hear that at over 4,000 cfs is when you really want to nail the boof correctly in order to not get held there.)

Here’s me and Jason Conlon going through:



Here’s Samson going through the Needle, not Ned’s.  At 2000 cfs it’s really sticky but the more right-to-left line that he takes appears to work well, Charles has said the same thing but a lot of people seem to go left-to-right (I’ve seen good boaters flailing paddles when levels are sticky):



And here’s Adrian going through Ned’s Needle:


Thanks Dave, for taking the videos!  It was an awesome day on the Skykomish, we are so fortunate to have such an interesting Class IV rapid less than an hour from Seattle.