January 12, 2010

Nice Kayaking Boof Instructional Video

Link to Nantahala Outdoor Center whitewater kayaking boof video.I did a really fun trip on the Upper Green Gorge last Saturday, my first time down (thank you Claire Hews, for leading the way and showing me a clean line through Mercury!)  Afterwards Claire pointed me towards this nice instructional video from the Nantahala Outdoor Center on how to execute a good water boof, it’s a good article and the video has explanations that pop up as people boof in slow motion, so it’s really easy to see the different steps.

Here’s the link to the Nantahala water boof blog post and video.

Update:  After I posted this Claire told me that not only is this the video that taught her the boof, but when she does this boof now the song from the video actually plays in her head.  Too funny. :)

Update 2011:  Unfortunately that cool video on the NOC site is no longer working, but the post is still there and worth reading.  In the meantime I’ve posted some more good boofing videos on this site.


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  • Thanks Irene and Claire. Great post. I learned some things. Snoqualmie falls here I come. :O

  • That’s definitely a right to left boof, Charles. Libby and I will be at the bottom with a beer. :)

  • Thanks for posting the link to the boof instruction. Boofing is such a difficult skill to acquire and so dynamic as the article points out.

  • No kidding, they make it look (almost) easy. I’m nowhere near as good as the video people but at least I don’t have a 100% nosedive rate anymore. ;)

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