Greg Nicoll Kayaking Husum Falls, White Salmon River

Greg Nicoll did two go-rounds of the White Salmon River the other weekend, here are the pics of him kayaking the Husum Falls section.


Starting the Husum Falls drop.



Greg said this was the exact moment he thought he would be needing a new drysuit.


Greg went completely under for a few seconds.

Completely under for a few seconds.


Rolled up even after his spray skirt imploded!

Rolled up even after his spray skirt imploded!

Just a note on Husum Falls – word on the eddyline is that recent flooding moved things around so the line has changed slightly and it’s a bit stickier.  Overall, maybe a few more potential consequences than there were before, but still a Class V drop that a lot of Class III+’ers seem to feel OK taking a stab at.

(My favorite is Ann Brindle’s story of taking half an hour to work up her courage, being so proud when she finally did it, then looking up to see some drunk guy running it in an inflatable killer whale.)