August 9, 2011

Team Pyranha’s and Darin McQuoid’s Posts on California’s Royal Gorge


Here are two kayak trip write-ups on the gorgeous and challenging North Fork of the American River's 'Royal Gorge' in California.

(Update 2021: I don't think the Team Pyranha post exists anymore and I can't find the video, but the pics below are sweet.)

It looks like an epic time and there are some really amazing photos, many of them taken by kayaker Robby Hogg, who was nice enough to let me use some on here.

Jared and Graham Nation Seiler. Photo by Robby Hogg.

I think that's a really cool shot.  I love this one below as well - the kayakers standing on the right offset by the view of the lead-in give the whole picture a great dynamic.

Shannon Carroll on Heath Springs 1. Photo by Robby Hogg.

Separately, Darin McQuoid wrote a great post called 'The Epic' a couple of years back about his experience getting stuck in the cave below this drop. I can't find that post anymore either, but here's Darin's write-up of that trip where he has great descriptions and photos of the rest of it, including Chris Korbulic being the first person to run "all the big ones" in one run.

(Worth noting that Scott's Drop was first run in 1997 or 1998 by Scott Lindgren in an Eskimo Diablo. No one ran it again for nearly 10 years.)


American River, Darin M., Graham N.S., Jared S., Robby H., Royal Gorge, Shannon C.

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