Welcome New Blogger Greg Nicoll!

I’m happy to say there’s a guest poster on Irene’s Kayaking Blog – Greg Nicoll posted some helmet-cams he took of our group trip on the Wenatchee, including his 10 foot waterfall drop.

(From what I hear, that kind of thing is especially interesting if you are under the misconception up until the last second that the drop is a 10 foot slide and not an actual 10 foot hurtle-through-the-air kind of deal.  Good stuff. :)

gregsshoesIn addition to being the Fearless Leader of the April Headworks paddle, Greg is also a pretty mean surfer now that he is trying out a Dagger Kingpin, although I should mention that he also has a dark side – demonstrated here by his inexplicable attachment to these shoes.  Which he calls ‘man-tastic’.  I rest my case.

Greg - May 12, 2009

I think history will prove my man-tastic-ness. Thanks for immortalizing my sweet kicks on your blog.

Irene - May 13, 2009

Happy to do it. :) I must say, you wear them with flair.

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