Silly Kayaking Injuries

OK not really a kayaking injury

Never mind that I’ve gone upside down and backwards over, well, more ledge drops than I can think of, including the last section of Boulder Drop.  It still always amazes me how easy it is to lay yourself up from kayaking doing something completely ridiculous.

Here are a few of my experiences this year:

Silly Kayaking Injury #1:  Tweaking a rotator cuff reaching for your purse in the back seat.

I was showing houses to a couple of clients and I even told them as I was reaching into the back seat, “This is a great way to tweak your rotator cuff”.  And then, ‘tweak’.  I was off kayaking for two weeks.

Silly Kayaking Inury #2:  Nearly dislocating your neck pulling a tight neck gasket over your head.

Beware of the semi-dry top that you don’t think is that hard to pull over your head because it’s not a real dry top, so you end up too relaxed.   I felt something go, and by the end of the day I couldn’t turn my head – it was ridiculous.

Silly Kayaking Injury #3:  Nearly stabbing yourself in the hand with the kitchen knife you’re using to get the plastic wrapper off of the ‘Kayaking Breakthru’ DVD.

This one I almost did last night.  It was a close call.  Good video though. :)

On a completely serious note, Ken Whiting has some really good advice on how to prevent whitewater kayaking shoulder injuries – I wish I had read this when I first started kayaking.  No mention about not stabbing yourself, but I guess that’s implied.