Whitewater Kayaking Classes Around Seattle in Spring 2011

Herbie and Dylan are just dying to teach you how to whitewater kayak. :)

If you’re looking for whitewater kayaking classes around the Seattle area, check out the Northwest Outdoor Center on Westlake Avenue in Seattle.  I took their five-day Whitewater Fever class nearly ten years ago and I highly recommend it.

This is a great class to take if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to buy all the gear first.  In the course of two weeks you have one evening classroom/lake class, two evening pool classes to nail down an Eskimo roll, and two days on an actual river.  They have a classes coming up in June and July, and two classes in August, so check it out here.

A word of advice:  Don’t be like me and a) first squander your innocent youth not kayaking, and b) finally take the class and then get totally sidetracked by life and work for nearly eight years.)  I still ended up on the river though, so the moral of the story is, just take the class. :)

Also, once you’ve taken the class I highly recommend joining the Washington Kayak Club, they are the perfect group to get you out on Class II and III runs safely, with group leaders and safety boaters who are prepared to fish you out if you swim.

Paul - May 9, 2011

Thanks Irene !

I’ll pass on this information to my readers. I thought about taking this class last year, but as usual decided to “self teach” myself :)
I am sure that for people who don’t realize all the danger of white water, this class is the safest way to try out the sport.

P.S : Thanks for the pool session link on PP ! Just came back from Snoqualmie’s Club Stretch today…feels awesome !

Mark - May 26, 2011

I have been kayaking for some time now on lakes and sea. I tried few slow rivers and then Class III. And I had bad experience with it. The river puled me in and held me for 20 seconds which was not pleasant.

I have to learn more about whitewater kayaking. And unfortunate I don’t have time for 5 day Total Immersion Class. Maybe next year or if I will be able to take another class.

Thanks for the great information.

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