2013 Professor Paddle Ball and River Fest

There hasn’t been much hoopla about the 2013 Professor Paddle Ball this year, but it is happening – on June 8 and 9, NOT at the usual spot.  The lack of hoopla is totally understandable seeing as it’s organized completely by volunteers who spend a lot of their own time getting sponsors and assembling what is a pretty big informal whitewater kayaking-fest on the banks of the Wenatchee River each year.  Thanks to Adam Ales, Gordon, and I know there are probably some other people involved but I’m sorry, I don’t know who exactly – feel free to pipe up on here if it’s you.

It’s on the banks of the river in an orchard between Cashmere and Dryden and I don’t know how to describe the exact location – if I can get a link I’ll post it here.  In the meantime, here’s a link to the PP Ball thread on Professor Paddle, and here’s a link to the PP Ball Facebook page.  My understanding is that there’s no ramp this year, but a party Saturday night and the Icicle Creek race on Sunday.

NEW LOCATION for the Professor Paddle Ball:  About 3 seconds after I hit ‘Publish’ on this post the location was changed.  And then it changed again. :) It’s up Chumstick Highway now.  Here’s a link to the exact spot below, and please check the PP forum link above for detailed directions.

Link to exact spot.

This is at Tierra Retreat in their “Barn Canyon” area.  Go about 5 miles up Chumstick Highway and then turn left on Sunstitch Canyon Road.  Don’t turn down the hill towards the retreat center and main lodge, instead continue towards the large red barn and offices.

Also, the Wenatchee River Fest is Friday afternoon and all of Saturday, June 8.  There are a lot of good raft and kayak events planned for that – here’s the scoop, on their website.

If you haven’t been to the Ball before, I’d encourage you to check it out – it’s generally a really friendly crowd and I think non-cliquey. With the caveat that if you run into a gasbag or two, keep in mind that every crowd usually has its share and please don’t blame the sublime sport of whitewater kayaking, it’s just statistics.  The weather is supposed to be spectacular all weekend, so for any of you who remember driving through snowflakes over Stevens Pass to the Ball two years ago, this might help heal the wounds. :)