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Video: Canadian Whitewater Kayaking Carnage

For your whitewater kayaking video amusement, here’s a sweet compilation of carnage events from the Canadian side of the border compliments of Raphael Boudreault-Simard. “Old music and failed lines” is the theme, so you know it has to be good. [HTML1] Note the two separate clips of a kayaker caught in an absolutely massive wave […]

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Video: The Mother of All Kayak Boofing Tutorials

The other day I was pondering, as I do most days, about how great it would be if someone made a completely awesome whitewater kayaking boof stroke teaching video that broke down and explained all the moves, showed people doing different kinds of boofs in regular and slow motion, and superimposed side-by-side clips of kayakers […]

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Video: Kayaker Jeremy Bisson Styling Everything

Dan Patrinellis just posted a great video of local boater Jeremy Bisson on a bunch of Northwest drops including POW on Tumwater Canyon, Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon, and Pinnacle on the Chelan Gorge (the entire river list is at the end).  Here it is: [HTML1] Mike was pointing out how really good […]

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Ryan Lansche Kayaking South Silver Creek

One of whitewater kayaker Ryan Lansche’s friends sent me a link to this video of him on South Silver Creek in California.  Nicely done, and it’s a good one to look at in terms of boofing as well. [HTML1] The thing about big slides like the one you see in this video is that if […]

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Video: Classic Whitewater Kayaking Carnage

Dan Patrinellis just put together a sweet video compilation that is basically a whitewater kayaking carnage-fest.  Thanks Dan, for reminding me that really good boaters sometimes have crummy lines! [HTML1] For those not familiar, drinking a beer out of a booty is traditional after a swim.  And as for Adrian’s hat in the opening scenes, […]

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