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Mike, Nick and Co. Kayaking Deer Creek, WA

Mike says Deer Creek is the most underrated whitewater kayaking run in Washington, and it’s only an hour from Seattle. Back in October he showed Nick Baughman, Anne Bilton, Kieran Thurlow and Allen Yip down it, here’s Nick’s video. The cover frame of Mike boofing a ledge is one of my favorite shots – classic […]

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Cedar River Gates Whitewater Training is Back

I spent Saturday morning at the slalom gates at the Cedar River alongside Landsburg Park, thanks to slalom kayaker Joey Yeaple who organized an all-welcome event to get people working on technical skills. It sounds like this is going to be a monthly event, taking place at 10 a.m. on the first Saturday of the […]

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A Few (Really Annoying) Eskimo Rolling Myths

Here are some Eskimo rolling myths you may hear at some point in your beginner whitewater kayaking journey. If you do, just tell the person talking that “I’ve read the blog post, so I know that what you’re saying is complete otter spittle.” Or something like that. ;) Myth 1. “You will lose your roll […]

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We Love the New Pacific Northwest Kayaking Guidebook

Finally there’s a new whitewater kayaking guidebook for the Pacific Northwest and it is sweet! It’s called ‘Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater – The Best Whitewater in Washington and Oregon’ and you can buy it on Amazon here.  Here’s a video description: Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater: A Fresh Guide to Northwest Rivers and Creeks from Substantial […]

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Finding Whitewater Kayaking Buddies Around Seattle

(Updated for 2018.) OK, I’ve heard enough whitewater kayakers tell me that when they first came to Seattle they had a hard time finding paddling buddies and generally getting started, so here are some good resources: (PP) is the core whitewater kayaking forum and river resource for the general Seattle area.  Here you’ll […]

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